Transfer data from one Table to another T-sql

I need to transfer data from one table to another.
I will be using the SQL Query Analyzer to do this.

This is not a simple transfer of data to the same structured tables.
These tables are completely different, for the most part.

For instance, I will be selecting certain fields of one table.....

SELECT fldOne, fldTwo FROM someTable

I need to take this information, one row at a time and input it into a different type table.

So, something like this to insert into the other table...

INSERT INTO otherTable( fld1, fld2) VALUES( value1, value2 )

I've looked around for a sample to achieve this, but may have overlooked it?

Anyone have a link to show this or a quick sample?

Thanks all,



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You can do a select from one table into another.

INSERT INTO otherTable( fld1, fld2
   value1, value2

9/7/2005 9:32:19 PM

Thanks for the feedback.  Finally remembered (very tired yesterday) I did something similar in a stored procedure and adapted that to fit my needs...

  FROM users)
         INSERT INTO newusers (user) VALUES (@userId) 


9/8/2005 1:12:51 PM
ooops, meant this one - LOL

INSERT INTO objScores (objID, studentID, courseID, objStatus)
     SELECT objID, @userID, @courseId, @objStatus
      FROM objStructure
     WHERE courseID = @courseId 

9/8/2005 1:30:05 PM

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