storing Images to the sql table

Hi guys

 I want to add a grid view to my website that displays a picture and a description of a product. I have created my table called products and i have the column(type, Description, Image)  how do i insert an image using the properties window?

Ryan Felton
Cape Town, South Africa

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 all the data that will be entered, will be done on the table itself. I don't want the image file to be uploaded. I just want a simple url to the file in the table column.

Ryan Felton
Cape Town, South Africa

Great programmers are not born. They are compiled
5/4/2009 1:09:41 PM

 Is there no way of adding a picture into the table without coding stuff out in c# or vb or asp

Ryan Felton
Cape Town, South Africa

Great programmers are not born. They are compiled
5/4/2009 1:44:06 PM

In your image column do you want to have a binary image or a link to the file? What is the type of the Image column?

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
(Donald Knuth)
5/4/2009 1:57:25 PM

 At the moment it is set as an image

Ryan Felton
Cape Town, South Africa

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5/4/2009 2:23:34 PM

I googled your question and found this

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
(Donald Knuth)
5/4/2009 2:28:38 PM

 stream st = fileUpload1.postedfile.inputStream;

string type = fileUpload.postedFile.ContentType;

string name = fileupload.filename;

int length = fileupload.postedfile.comntentlenght;

byte []b= new byte [length];

int n =,0,b.length);

cmd= new sqlcommand("insert into image.demo values(@name,@image,@type)",cn);

//(cn is sqlconnection)

sqlparameter p2= new sqlparameter ("@name",sqlDbtype.varchar,20);

sqlparameter p3= new sqlparameter ("@image",sqlDbtype.image);

sqlparameter p4= new sqlparameter ("@type",sqlDbtype.varchar,20);

p2.value= name;


p4.value= type;




int u = cmd.executeReader();


retrive image 



cmd= new sqlcommand("select img from imagedemo where id ="+int.parse(request.QueryString[0]",cn);

//dr is sqldatareader

dr= cmd.executeReader();



byte[] b1 = (byte []) dr[0];

response.binarywrite(b1) ;




5/4/2009 2:37:01 PM

BTW, if you're using SQL Server 2005 or up, try using VARBINARY(MAX) for your Image column. Image type is deprecated in newest SQL Server, AFAIK.

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
(Donald Knuth)
5/4/2009 2:53:44 PM

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