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IS there a way inside code for vb.net to programmatically change sorting in a stored procedure???Reason is I need a two way sort and did not want to have to write a SP for each way ....If so Do you have an example.....
3/24/2004 7:28:22 PM
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Most likely the easiest way, is, when you retrieve the data from the sProc, put it in a DataView..

That way, you can sort The DataView by any field, ASC or DESC that you want
David Wier
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3/24/2004 7:31:17 PM
For most needs the above poster is absolutely correct, but you wouldn't want to be doing that with very large result sets.

Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any simple way to dynamically order results from a stored procedure, apart from using case statements. See http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/010704-1.shtml for how to do this.
Generally, though, if a query is very dynamic (ie. parameters vary a lot) then the benefits of a stored procedure are reduced, since the cached execution plan will probably not be optimal.
3/24/2004 9:59:34 PM
I would add another possibility to Scott's article:

CASE WHEN @ColumnName='LastName' THEN LastName END,
CASE WHEN @ColumnName='Salary' THEN Salary END,

This gets around the data type limitation without have to do CONVERTs.
Terri Morton
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3/25/2004 1:47:36 AM

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