SQL Server insert query - Checking if a sql server value is an integer before inserting into a table. If it is not, then replacing it with 00000000

When I am inserting into a table, I have some values which I am finding are "N/A" which obviously come from a source which allows it ie nvarchar column) 

I need to check the values before entering into the column, and if it is not an integer, converting it to the value '00000000'

ie a similar thing would be isnull(columnname,00000000), but in this case, not checking for if it is null, but rather if it is an integer.

Does anyone have any ideas?

2/6/2009 4:55:44 AM
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Take a look at http://berezniker.com/content/pages/sql/microsoft-sql-server/isnumericex-udf-data-type-aware

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2/6/2009 12:35:42 PM


For that Purpose there is isnumeric

U can write

Select isnumeric(urvalue)

If that output comes 1 then it is number other wise not


Try this example


declare @number nvarchar(20)

Set @number='20'

Select isnumeric(@number)




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2/6/2009 12:57:47 PM

Thanks, yes its useful.

I also found this:


I'm almost there. I use

CASE WHEN isnumeric(EmployeeNumber) = 1 THEN EmployeeNumber ELSE '00000000' END AS EmployeeNumber

which works for the "isnumeric" pre-defined function above but I want to use the "isReallyInteger" user defined function below in my stored procedure;

how do I use a user defined function ( below) in my stored procedure. I have it in my database now but don't know how to refer/use it.

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.isReallyInteger  
    @num VARCHAR(64)  
    IF LEFT(@num, 1) = '-'  
        SET @num = SUBSTRING(@num, 2, LEN(@num))  
    WHEN PATINDEX('%[^0-9-]%', @num) = 0  
        AND CHARINDEX('-', @num) <= 1  
        AND @num NOT IN ('.', '-', '+', '^') 
        AND LEN(@num)>0  
        AND @num NOT LIKE '%-%' 

2/6/2009 11:24:01 PM


CASE WHEN dbo.IsReallyInteger(EmployeeNumber) = 1 THEN EmployeeNumber ELSE '00000000' END AS EmployeeNumber


But... that function isn't really necessary.  With a little tricky manipulation, you can use the IsNumeric function to validate an integer.  Like this...



CASE WHEN IsNumeric(EmployeeNumber + '.0e0') = 1 THEN EmployeeNumber ELSE '00000000' END AS EmployeeNumber

Or... if you want to only allow positive integers....


CASE WHEN IsNumeric('-' + EmployeeNumber + '.0e0') = 1 THEN EmployeeNumber ELSE '00000000' END AS EmployeeNumber


You see.... if your EmployeeNumber is negative, and you add another negative sign in front, the result will not be numeric (isnumeric returns 0).  Similarly, if your Employee number already has a decimal point or scientific notation, then adding another decimal point (or scientific notation) will cause the IsNumeric function to return 0.

Make sense?

2/6/2009 11:34:46 PM

Very clever George.

Simple solution but a very good one.


2/7/2009 4:37:06 PM

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