SQL Query String insert a null with ADO.NET

 I have an SQL Update query with four string variables that I get from a textBox.Text to pass to DB. When data is present, no problem, but when There is NO data to Update, I want to pass a null to the database. I tried:

        string box1 = txtCustMachSN.Text;
        if( box1 == "" || box1 == "0" ) { box1 = System.DBNull.Value; }

       string box2......

        string strCmd = "UPDATE Equip2 SET CustomerSerialNo='" + box1 + "', Size='" + box2 + "', ServDt='" + box3 + "', Count='" + box4 + "' WHERE SerialNo=' " +  Item5 + " ' and EquipType= '" + Item6 + " '";

 ERROR: Cannot implicitly convert type System.DBNull to string...


How can I Insert a null when TextBox is MT or "0"? 

Thank you so much for any advice....




12/18/2008 5:41:19 PM
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Make following changes to the code. In any case I am afreaid you run the risk of SQL injection. I would recommend using parametrized sql instead, in which case you can actually make use of DBNull class. 


string box1 = txtCustMachSN.Text;
if( box1 == "" || box1 == "0" ) { box1 = "0" }

string box2......

string strCmd = "UPDATE Equip2 SET COALESCE(CustomerSerialNo, 0)='" + box1 + "', Size='"

12/18/2008 7:43:12 PM

 Did not like it, bad syntax to :

string MyString = "UPDATE Equip2 SET COALESCE(CustomerSerialNo, 0)='" + box1 + "', COALESCE(Size, 0)='" + box2 + "', COALESCE(ServDt, 0)='" + box3 + "', COALESCE(Count, 0)='" + box4 + "' WHERE SerialNo=' " + Item5 + " ' and EquipType= '" + Item6 + " '";

 Does my Query string look good to anyone?


12/19/2008 4:07:12 PM

Sorry, my bad. I guess it was a copy paste error when I posted the reply. The correct query string should have looked something like [I have only made changes for box1 here:

 string MyString = "UPDATE Equip2 SET CustomerSerialNo=" + (box1 == "0"? "NULL" : "'" + box1 + "'") + ", COALESCE(Size, 0)='" + box2 + "', COALESCE(ServDt, 0)='" + box3 + "', COALESCE(Count, 0)='" + box4 + "' WHERE SerialNo=' " + Item5 + " ' and EquipType= '" + Item6 + " '";

12/19/2008 7:03:36 PM

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