SQL 7 vs SQL 2000

Can anyone offer a justification for recommending an upgrade from SQL 7 to SQL2k?  What does one gain from the upgrade?
10/8/2003 7:40:20 PM
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Built-in XML support.  Indexed views.  Performance tweaks.  These are just a few improvements that I'm aware of.  For more detail, I'm sure you can visit the SQL Server site.

Ambrose Little
Infragistics, Inc.
10/8/2003 7:47:20 PM
Hi hlaford,

1. Use MS VS .NET Documentation (.NET Framework documentation)
2. On Contents tab, From Filterd by: choose Entreprise Servers
3. Choose Microsoft SQL Server 2000
4. Click on What's New
5. You get all the 'Enhancements' ... This is what you need.
Relational Database Enhancements
XML Integration of Relational Data
Graphical Administration Enhancements
Replication Enhancements
Data Transformation Services Enhancements
Analysis Services Enhancements
Meta Data Services Enhancements
English Query Enhancements
Documentation Enhancements
Where there is a will, there is a way.

and where there is a team, there is more than one way.
10/8/2003 8:39:01 PM

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