selecting one row and inserting it into another table one by one

i ve a table named "Employee" in wh i ve fields "Emp_Id","Name" and "Email". i want to select each employee "Emp_Id" one by one from "Employee" table and insert it into another table named "Concerned_Department". like if i ve three rows in "Employee" table with "Emp_Id" 1,2 and 3 respectively,in this case i want to first select "Emp_Id"=1 then "Emp_id"=2 and lastly "Emp_id"=3 and insert them into "Concerned_Department"table.

 after that the process starts again like inserting "Emp_Id"=1 in "Concerned_Department" and so on.

plz note that i want to insert "Emp_Id" one by one not all the fields together.

 can u plz tell me the query for that wh i ve to write in SQL

Thanks and happy valentine day to all of u


Ahmed Bilal Jan

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Ahmed Bilal Jan
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One way you could do it is by using a cursor, looping through the Employee table, getting the Emp_id and then inserting into the Concerned_Department table:

 DECLARE @Emp_id int

SELECT Emp_id FROM Employee

OPEN EmpCursor


INSERT Concerned_Department (Emp_id) VALUES (@Emp_id)



CLOSE EmpCursor

2/14/2008 4:26:08 PM

i ve tried that worked great
but some questions
as soon as run the cursor all the "Emp_Id" fields from "Employees" table are inserted one by one into the "Concerned_Department"table "Emp_id"field.

i want this but with some pause like if i have a complaint registered into the "Comp_table" then
i want that first "Emp_ID" from "Employees" table to be inserted into the "Concerned_department"table "Emp_ID" field.
then on the second insertion in the "Comp_Table" ,second "Emp_ID" from "Employee" table must be inserted into the "Concerned_Department"table "Emp_id" field. and so on.
i want this to be done from like user will register a complaint in "Comp_table" from an webpage
and after he inserts a row in the "Comp_table" at that moment i want to insert first "Emp_Id" from "Employees" table into "Concerned_department"table "Emp_id" field.
i know how to call stored procedure from ASP.NET(C# as code behind).but plz tell me how can cursors be used/called from ASP.NET

as stored procedures can be found in Database>Programmability>Stored Procedures.where can i see cursors created

thnx 4 ur consideration
Ahmed Bilal Jan

Failure is not but aiming Low is a Crime.

Ahmed Bilal Jan
University of Engg and Tecnhnology,Taxila
2/15/2008 5:34:43 PM

If you want to do the insert from a web page, a trigger on the table. Running the cursor from a page will cause the query to loop through all of the records in the Employees table every time, that is actually not necessary and will have a major performance impact on the application. If you want more info on triggers and how to create them, have a look at :

If you do want to use a cursor to do this, you can do a lookup while the cursor is executing and do something based on the lookup. For example, in the first example, you could have the following statement where the cursor is looping through the records:

INSERT Concerned_Department (Emp_id) VALUES (@Emp_id)

IF EXISTS (SELECT EmployeeID FROM Comp_Table WHERE EmployeeID = @Emp_id)
   --Do something here


As far as the viewing of Cursors in Management Studio goes, you won’t be able to view them like the Stored Procedures and functions. They are dynamic queries, just like Select or Update statements. You can however create a stored procedure with a cursor in it, executing the stored procedure will then run the cursor.


2/18/2008 4:24:34 PM

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