Selecting Distinct Top 3 rows from Database using Join

Hi guys,

Just trying to select a set of Articles from a SQL Server Database. The Articles all have a Category ID which is stored in another table (as an Article could be in more than one Category). I want to select the Top 3 Articles in a Category. At the moment I have as my SQL;

"SELECT TOP 3 f.ArticleID, f.Heading, f.Summary, f.WrittenDate, f.ArticleURL FROM feedTable f LEFT JOIN Categories c ON f.ArticleID = c.ArticleID WHERE c.CategoryID=" + CategoryID + " AND c.ArticleID<>" + id + " ORDER BY c.CategoryID"

Which seems to work to an extent in that I do get three articles in the same Category appearing. However, there are sometimes duplicates appearing, so I need to incorporate a DISTINCT clause to the above. I'm not sure where to put this in though. Any ideas?

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I don't know much about distinct but may UNION ALL solve your problem?

6/25/2007 1:29:39 PM
Thanks for your post. I've had a read up on UNION but can't quite see how it will translate to this particular case. Would you mind giving an example - how would my statement, something like;

"SELECT DISTINCT TOP 3 f.ArticleID, f.Heading, f.Summary, f.WrittenDate, f.ArticleURL FROM feedTable f LEFT JOIN Categories c ON f.ArticleID = c.ArticleID WHERE c.CategoryID=" + CategoryID + " AND c.ArticleID<>" + id + " ORDER BY c.CategoryID"

be translated to use  UNION?
6/25/2007 1:56:48 PM

UNION is used to combine two outputs in one table; like:

select * from table1


select * from table2

But I don't know if it work with only one select statement...


6/25/2007 3:11:40 PM
Thanks for this. I think I've just worked out how to do it though. This seems to work:

"SELECT TOP 3 * FROM feedTable WHERE ArticleID IN (SELECT ArticleID FROM Categories WHERE CategoryID=" + CategoryID + ")"
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Good to hear that:)

happy programming..

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