Returning only the Header Row instead of all the relevant rows.

Hi All:

My below sub in application is returning only the Header Row instead of the relevant rows I guess therez problem in my "str" Syntax. However I fail to understand where exactly is it faultering. 

Sub btnSearch_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSearch.Click



Dim empID As String = txtEmpID.Text

Dim FName As String = txtFName.Text

Dim LName As String = txtLName.Text

Dim str As String = "Select Emp_ID, Emp_FName,Emp_LName,Emp_Address1,Emp_HNo,Emp_MNo from Emp_Details where Emp_ID='" & empID & " ' Or Emp_LName='" & LName & " ' Or Emp_FName=' " & FName & "'"""Dim da1 As New SqlDataAdapter(str, con)

da1.Fill(ds, "Emp_Details")

dgEmp.DataSource = ds

dgEmp.DataMember = "Emp_Details"




End Try

End Sub


Thanks in Advance for your quick help.



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It looks like you might have one too many extra spaces in your statement. Try this instead: 

Dim str As String = String.Format("SELECT Emp_ID, Emp_FName, Emp_LName, Emp_Address1, Emp_HNo, Emp_MNo FROM Emp_Details WHERE Emp_ID = '{0}' OR Emp_LName = '{1}' OR Emp_FName = '{2}'", empID, LName, FName)

Thanks, Ed

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This works... Appreciate your kind help.

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