Return XML to response.write from SQL XML type


I am trying to retrive some XML from my SQL server 2005 database. The XML is in a table called "myxml" and it is being stored a native XML. The Field type is "XML". The VB code returns nothing when I select SELECT xml. How ever if i SELECT NAME it displays the correct name from the name field. how do I return the XML to be viewed as XML throught the response.write?


Here is my Table definition:

Column Name

Data Type Allow Nulls
Id Int  
xml xml Yes
NAME Nvarchar(50) yes

My XML that is stored in the XML field:

		<TITLE>This is a test</TITLE>

Here is my VB code:


        Dim myconnection As SqlConnection
        Dim mycommand As SqlCommand
        myconnection = New SqlConnection()
        myconnection.ConnectionString = _

        Dim strSQL As String = "SELECT [xml] FROM myxml WHERE id = 76"

        ' create SQL command instance
        mycommand = New SqlCommand(strSQL, myconnection)

            ' open database connection
            'execute T-SQL command
            Dim dr = mycommand.ExecuteReader()
                Response.Write("<p>" & dr(0).ToString() & "</p>")
            End While
            Response.Write("GOT IT")

        Catch ex As Exception

        End Try
        ' Close connection



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I figured it out. Here is the correct code:



        Dim sqlconn As New Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
        Dim sqlcmd As New Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand
        Dim xmldoc As New XmlDocument

        sqlconn.ConnectionString = _


        sqlcmd.Connection = sqlconn
        sqlcmd.CommandText = "SELECT [xml] FROM myxml WHERE id = 81"

        Dim myXR = sqlcmd.ExecuteXmlReader()

        Dim sb As New StringBuilder()
        While myXR.Read()
        End While

        Dim finXML As String = sb.ToString()
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