Return single colum from multiple rows into one row?

Often in my apps I'll create a table in SQL to house different variables. I do this so that I don't end up with multiple tables just to store a list of phone types for example. What I mean is let's say I have a form that would store contact information one of the controls might be a phone number and then next to that I'd have a drop down that would list the different phone types like Phone, Mobile, Fax etc rather than hard coding a specific textbox for only phone or only the mobile number. This way the user can determine white type of contact number it is.

 With that in mind I'd like to pull out of the table only specific values from a table's colum but return them as one row. Let me give you an idea of what I mean.

 Here is your table:

Here is what the data would be:

As you can see the type defines a certain type of data in the case above a Mail Setting. Then the name of the variable for example the SMTP Host name, then its's value. So rather than create tables for every set of lists an app may contain I do it this way so I don't end up with a table with only 5 or 6 rows in it  just for Mail Settings or a table for say themes to the web site etc.

 Normally I just pull out a specific record's value by passing the type and name parameters to get a value. Easy enough and usually that is all I'm doing. But in the case of the above I would rather pull out all mail settings as a single row so that I can then populate some textboxes.

 Basically create a statement that would return the data like this:

SMTPHost     SMTPPort     SMTPFrom     SMTPAuth    SMTPUsername     SMTPPassword

myhost           25          0                  username              password    

 Not that it matters but the AUTH column just tells whether or not the server requires credentials to relay. Basically 0 = None and 1 = credentials needed.

 Please don't reply with "use App settings" or use built in SMTP web config settings as in this app I can't do that for reasons that would be too lengthy to discuss.

 Bottom line I'm trying to avoid building a function that calls each variable 1 by one to then populate a text box for each value. Maybe there isn't a better way to do this but just seemed like there might be. Any ideas are greatly apprecieated.


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If you are using SQL Server 2005 or higher, look into the PIVOT command.

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Yeah I thought that might be the solution. was just hoping somone had done it and have a snipit of code.


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declare @tablemails table (id int identity(1,1), type nvarchar(50),
name nvarchar(50),
value nvarchar(50))
INSERT INTO @tablemails
SELECT 'MailSetting','SMTPHost ','myhost'
UNION ALL SELECT 'MailSetting','SMTPPort ','25'
UNION ALL SELECT 'MailSetting','SMTPFrom',''
UNION ALL SELECT 'MailSetting','SMTPAuth','0'
UNION ALL SELECT 'MailSetting','SMTPUsername','usernameJoe'
UNION ALL SELECT 'MailSetting','SMTPPassword','userSecret'

SELECT [SMTPHost],[SMTPPort],[SMTPFrom],[SMTPAuth],[SMTPUsername],[SMTPPassword] 
FROM (SELECT type, name, value FROM @tablemails) src
PIVOT (MAX(value) FOR name IN ([SMTPHost],[SMTPPort],[SMTPFrom],[SMTPAuth],[SMTPUsername],[SMTPPassword])) pvt

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