Relational Tables are not relational after Exported from my sql server to host sql server


I am beginner for and sql server. I used Sql server manegement studio full version and I exported my aspnetdb which was created by VS2005 to my host sql server. I have a question: 

relational tables are not relational no longer. I noticed that when I created database diagram. what is wrong by exporting?

thanks for your helps...

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In the Wizard steps are you specifying the keys? this dialog box will come when you uncheck the "Use default options" checkbox and click on options buttons

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Yes, it sounds like your foreign keys did not get exported.  When you script the tables, you will want to include Foreign Keys, and probably indexes & triggers as well.

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thanks everybody but I was on wrong road..I found my solution after searching a few article... I advise you to read it it is very useful.

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