Problem with analytic sql function (The OVER SQL construct or statement is not supported)

Hi All! 

Could You comment the next situation:
I'm configuring my TableAdapter just like Scott Mitchell does in his tutorial
The only principal difference is that I need Insert/update and delete
methods to be generated (His aim is only SELECT).
I'm also using analytic function (ROW_NUMBER) and I'm also gettin
warning “The OVER SQL construct or statement is not supported.” You
say then that it could be ignored. But, in this case statements to
modify data (insert/update and delete) aren't being generated, though
after warning SQL command is executed without errors.

So, the question is obvious - why does this warning occur and how must
I perform configuration of TableAdapter based on SQL query with
analytic function?

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Manually create your own insert/update/delete statements.  The wizard isn't there to do it all.

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