not a .net programmer -- legacy code suddenly stopped working - need help!

 Simple .net front end connects to external data tables provided by offsite vendor suddenly started throwing errors after working smoothly for 2 years.  Did not write the front end connections, but looking at source code, the external DB primary key is varchar, but local vb dataset has this field as system.String...Could that be the problem?

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suddenly started throwing errors after working smoothly for 2 years

Perhaps if you shared what the errors are, someone could help you.


Steve Wellens

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9/10/2008 1:15:57 AM

The following error occurred:  Min (1126) must be less than or equal to max (-1) in a Range object.
     at System.Data.Select.GetBinaryFilteredRecords()
     at System.Data.Select.SelectRows()
     at System.Data.DataTable.Select(String filterExpression)
     at HMFileTracking.DBUpdate.processClients()
     at HMFileTracking.DBUpdate.update()
     at HMFileTracking.frmMain.btnUpdateFromDB_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

9/11/2008 10:30:26 PM

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