LINQ: How to delete automatically on delete from association table


I'll try to explain my problem with an example:

 In DB(ms swl server 2005) I've 2 tables:

A(ID, SomeAText)

B(AID, SomeBText)


In LINQ TO SQL (in mdbd file) I've association:

A.ID --- Association ---> B.AID

In Table B we can have many rows is same AID value

Also, I've GridView which represents all rows from A table with LinqDataSource.

Is there way how to set in LINQ that when delete a row from A table,
AUTOMATICALLY all rows from B with AID(which points to ID of the deleting row from A) to be
deleted too ?


Thanks in advance!
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It would be significantly better practice to create the foreign key in SQL Server and tell it to cascade the delete down. This is the sort of feature that belongs entirely in the database.

7/16/2008 11:29:11 AM

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