is it possible to turn 1 column,many rows into one row,many columns in sql ?

 Hi All

I have the following query:

Select CategoryName From Category Where CategoryId In(Select SkillId From SpecialitySkills Where CopywriterId = 13)

It gives me the correct results but not in the form that i want, i would like it to be in one row, many columns. its in 1 column, many rows.

Any ideas?

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 You must be talking about displaying it on a web page? Just create a loop that runs through the rows of the data that is returned then just make html table:

dim tablestring as string = "<table><tr>"

for i as integer = 0 to dt.rows.count - 1

 tablestring += "<td>" & dt.rows(i).item(0) & "</td>"


tablestring += "</tr></table>"

That will switch it around for you.

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Yes, google on "crosstab query SQL Server 2005". One of the first links (looks very helpful)

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
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 Hi, has anyone done cross tab on a query before? Im so stuck and confused. would it be possible for some help if i post my actual query that returns the results in the many rows?


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Yes, you can post your current query. I haven't played with cross-tab myself in SQL Server 2005 (only read in couple of books and tried few samples), but there were today threads about PIVOT and I guess we would be able to help you out (if not me, someone else).

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
(Donald Knuth)
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 I have the following query@

Select SpecialitySkills.CopywriterId,Category.CategoryName,Customer.Username From SpecialitySkills,Category,Customer
Where SpecialitySkills.SkillId = Category.CategoryId And Customer.CustomerId = SpecialitySkills.CopywriterId And SpecialitySkills.CopywriterId In (Select SpecialitySkills.CopywriterId From SpecialitySkills Where SpecialitySkills.SkillId = 32)

It produces the following results:

CopywriterId CategoryName                   Username
------------ ------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------
13           Category1                User10
13           Category2                User10
13           Category3                  User10
13           Category4                    User10


I would like it to show it as

13 User10 Category1 Category2 Category3 Category4

Any ideas?

9/10/2008 7:21:42 PM
see this example. here i created a sample table and inserted some sample data. then i am getting your type of output. observe that and apply it on your query,


create table testpivot
  copywriterid int,
	categoryname varchar(100),
	username varchar(100)
insert into testpivot values (13,'cat1','user10')
insert into testpivot values (13,'cat2','user10')
insert into testpivot values (13,'cat3','user10')
insert into testpivot values (13,'cat4','user10')

declare @str varchar(1000)
set @str = stuff( replace(  ( select ','+categoryname from testpivot where copywriterid = 13 for xml path ('') ) ,',','],[') + ']',1,2,'')
declare @sql nvarchar(1000)
set @sql = 'select copywriterid,username,' + @str + ' from
(select * from testpivot) p
pivot (max(categoryname) for categoryname in (' + @str + '))pvt'
exec sp_executesql @sql
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Hi, I managed to solve my problem. Check this link out, its a whole article dedicated to concatenating rows, a very good article:

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