Inserting from datas in one table from Multiple tables

Hi guys,

I have a problem with my query. What i want to happen is to populate my table EV_NOTIFICATIONDETAILS (Docownerid, CurrentSentDate, LastSentDate, detailsID, GeneralRemarks) using the datas from the two different tables EV_NOTIFICATIONHEADER and EV_DOCDETAILS.

I tried to create some a query but im having a error. The problem is once i insert the data from datas to the columns Docownerid, CurrentSentDate, LastSentDate the datas are stored in the database and when i tried to insert the remaining columns TO EV_NOTIFICATIONDETAILS detailsID, GeneralRemarks getting the datas from EV_DOCDETAIL it creates a new set of records in the database. Meaning it doesn't update the records in the table EV_NOTIFICATIONDETAILS but it creates a new set of records.

here's my code:




Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 


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"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
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INSERT INTO EV_NOTIFICATIONDETAILS ( Docownerid , CurrentNoticeSentDate , LastNoticeSentDate , detailsID , GeneralRemarks )
SELECT nh.Docownerid , nh.CurrentSentDate , nh.LastSentDate , dd.detailsID , dd.GeneralRemarks
where dd.docownerid = nh.docownerid

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