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Hi I am a new in ASP .NET programming I faced a problem to insert integers with other types of variables in my database from my programs.

I have only permission to pass the SQL command to my server.

As an example I have one table TestTable with two column one is integer and one is varchar named as ID and Fname

I can insert any string that table but when I trying to insert integer and string then it shows an error.

Dim strInsertSQL As String = "INSERT INTO TestTable (ID,Fname) VALUES (" & iID & “,’” & strFname & “’)”Dim conStr As String = String.EmptyconStr = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("connectionString")Dim con As New SqlConnection(conStr)Dim sqlCommand As SqlCommand = con.CreateCommand()con.Open()sqlCommand.CommandText = strInsertSQL Dim r As Int16 = sqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()con.Close()here iID is an Int32 and strFname is a String variable.I was also trying with iID.ToString() it also create problem since in data table column type is integer.Can you help me to solve the problem?


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Hi aamexplore,

One issue I see is that ExecuteNonQuery returns an Int32, so your Dim r as Int16 should be Dim r as Int32. If that doesn't work, please post the exception you are receiving.

EDIT: Also, verify that the TestTable.ID field is not an identity field. If you try to insert a value into an identity field while IDENTITY INSERT is ON you will receive an error.


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     It will be easy to provide the solution if you can give more details on error message.


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Thanks now it is working, u r right, its identity was on, now I make it off and it working great. Thanks again for help

8/19/2008 1:46:50 PM

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