Improving Performance of SqlServer

hello everyone,

does anyone know some tipps or articles that descripe how the sqlserver 2000 can be improved? i have an application which displays newspapers. the text of the newspapers is saved in db. performance is ok but  i have performance-problems when i do a fulltext-search.


1) hardware: p4  xeon double core, 2.4 Ghz, 2 GB Ram

2) number of articles in database: ~ 255.000 Records (betwenn 10 - 400 words each)

3) the database is indexed (i am searching with "CONTAINS" and not with the "LIKE"-keyword)

4) in my query i am searching in 3 columns (title,leadtext,content)

5) results (searching for one word, stopping after 150 Results):
the time to get a result from database lies between 5 to 10 Seconds (Average: 6.77 sec)!

this is the time only for getting the dataset from the sqlserver. the time of manipulating the dataset and binding it to my repeater needs about 15 milliseconds. using a sqldatareader didn't improve the performance. i got the same results.

in future the number of records will be three to five times higher than now. i am afraid that then the user has to wait half a minute to get a result of 150 search hits.

my questions:

Are you having similiar results in your applications? Are this times acceptable?

The SqlServer 2000 (professional) is installed in its default way with the default settings. Are they possiblities to modify this settings for improving performance? Where can i find info about that?


greetings and thx


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You can use LIKE with FullText, the best SQL Server performance book is by Ken England and there is a Full Text blog where you can find code sample using standard T-SQL with the Full Text predicates.  Hope this helps.


Kind regards,
Gift Peddie
3/28/2006 1:03:58 PM
I would install a cluster server for load balancing.
3/28/2006 1:06:35 PM

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