If one query returns any result then the result from other query should be eliminated..


I want to create a query which returns allowed reports for the user.

There are two different queries which returns the allowed reports. One returns the reports according to user and other reutrns reports according to the role of user.

e.g.Select ReportID from UserReports and  select ReportID from RoleReports (in original scenario both queries are quite complex and large)

Requirement is if the first query returns any row then the result of the from the second query should be ignored.

IF(Select ReportID from UserReports > 0)


Select ReportID from UserReports




select ReportID from RoleReports


This is the way of doing this kind of things. But the problem is that i donot want to put the query in IF statement as it is quite resource killer query. In this manner it will run twice.

Is there any other better way of doing it?




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7/22/2008 1:55:35 PM
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You can just write a single query to get the information that you need out. Or wrap it in a stored procedure.

7/22/2008 1:58:58 PM

In a stored procedure, check the @@RowCount global variable.

Set NoCountOn

Select ReportId From UserReports

If @@RowCount = 0


    Select ReportID from RoleReports



7/22/2008 2:23:31 PM

kool it worked... i really liked it..thanx

People can just tell you what to do... Don't expect them to do it for you
7/23/2008 10:28:01 AM

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