How to update columns from row to another row? (thank you)

assume my Table's Columns looks like below

1  ,   Annie,   History, pass, null
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, null
7  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, 1
11 ,   Colin,   Math   , Fail, 2

When Delete
7  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, 1
11 ,   Colin,   Math   , Fail, 2

using the last column to check which row is reference with it
so when delete Row 7 which reference with
1  ,   Annie,   History, pass, null
when delete Row 11 which reference with
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, null

if I gooing to delete the row of No7 the result would be
1  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, null  
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, 0
11 ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, 0

if I going to delete the row of No11 the result would be

1  ,   Annie,   History, pass, null
2  ,   Colin,   Math   , Pass, null
7  ,   Annie,   History, Fail, 1

I think the simply way to explan is
when you delete a row of data , first find out which row is reference with it and then update the row which reference with it

can you teach me how to do it ? wirte this request in Code or useing SQL Script?
thank you

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I'm not sure I understand your question.  Do you only want to delete a record once is has a referenced record?  So delete record 7 once record 1 exists???  And you can determine that a record has a referenced record because the 5th column has a value?  What are you updating in the first record?

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