How to transfer data from a database to another database.


   I want to transfer some tables and their data from a database to another database so what is the best way of doing..

 In the source Database i right click on that table and then gave Script table and then selected Create To and then copied that create table query and pasted it in the destination table..


So is there is way i can get the rows from all of that table.. There are around... 1000 rows or something like that and that database consits of 5 - 6 tables.

any help will be appreciated..



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Hi Karen,

If you right click on the database and go to tasks, you will see Import and Export data. This will start a wizard that will walk you through moving data using SSIS. That's one way to move database structure AND data.


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Thanks that did it.. I didnt know i could transfer data.. like that..from different databases..

thanks again.



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No problem. Keep an eye out as I believe the import/export wizard will not transfer any primary keys, indexes or constraints on the tables. If you wish to preserve those items at the destination you can:

  1. Also generate a script for your keys/indexes/constraints and run it against the destination, too, or
  2. Create an SSIS package to do the job (SSIS allows for transferring your keys, etc.), or
  3. Do a backup of the source and do a 'force restore' at the destination, this of course completely replaces the destination with the source



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Yeah.. i did find that out.. i know it wont transfer a int identity since were Rownumber i just left it out from the query....


Do a backup of the source and do a 'force restore' at the destination, this of course completely replaces the destination with the source


There are other tables that are in the destination that i dont want to touch.. so i dont think the force restore is gonna work..


anyways i think so i got to work..



5/2/2008 6:53:06 PM

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