How to select value from another select statement?

Table People (column - Id,Count)

Table Skill (column - Id,Skill)

first I want to select people who have Skill in "2"

select a.Id

 from people a, Skill b

where a.Id = b.Id and b.skill=2

Result 1 :









and then I want to select which people have a Min(count) from Result 1 how to write a query? combine 2 query into 1 query? thank you


P.S. I'am talking about MSSQL 2000

thank you very much

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The relationship would be clearer if

Table People (column - Id,Count)
Table Skill (column - Id,Skill)

Table People (column - Id,Count)
Table Skill (column - Id,PersonId, Skill)

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select a.Id,min(a.count)[count]

from people a, Skill b

where a.Id = b.Id and b.skill='2'

group by order by desc


select top 1 a.Id,min(a.count)[count]

from people a, Skill b

where a.Id = b.Id and b.skill='2'

group by order by desc


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