How to insert data into sql server in bulk using


 I'm building a web application. I need to read data from a text or excel file and process the data and then store the result records into database. The record number is big. I can store the data record into database (SQL Server 2005) one at a time. I think it's slow. Is there any way to insert the data in bulk.




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Try DataAdapter's Update() method.

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If you want to just insert the data then you can use sqlbulkinsert class.

If you want to update already existing records then use SQLDataAdapter or having a staging table to insert records using sql bulk insert and move them to main table using a stored procedure



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U can use SQLBulkcopy  object plz check out

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I'm not sure if I can use SQLBulkInsert. For each record retrieved from file, I need do some calculation, add some new field data, then store the record into SQL Server.

Can I create a dataset and add the resulting record to the dataset until the dataset size getting bigger, say 500, then insert the dataset into database? Will it make insert faster than insert one record each time?

If any article or example can help me, please post it.

Thank you so much!


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