How to Access SqlDataSource Fields from Code?

I have <asp:SqlDataSource> in aspx page that is being used by an updateable GridView.  However, there are a couple fields in the dataset that contain filenames that I want to access directly in code and place them into some image tags on the page. 

This line should give me access to the dataset but how to I access the fields?

Dim myDataSource As DataView = DirectCast(SqlDataSourceGridView.[Select](DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty), DataView)

When the SqlDataSource is a DataReader I would access it with the code below but since this SqlDataSource is a DataSet I can't access it with this code.

If myDataSource.Read Then
   If Convert.IsDBNull(myDataSource("CusAgentPhoto")) Then
      ImageAgent.ImageUrl = "/photos/nophoto.gif"
      ImageAgent.ImageUrl = AgentImagePath & myDataSource("CusAgentPhoto").ToString
   End If
   If Convert.IsDBNull(myDataSource("CusCompanyLogo")) Then
      ImageCompany.ImageUrl = "/photos/nophoto.gif"
       ImageCompany.ImageUrl = OfficeImagePath & myDataSource("CusCompanyLogo").ToString
   End If
End If

What would be the correct way to get at the DataSet fields that contain the filenames?

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That was the info I needed. Excellent reference!

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