how do I install odbc driver and use odbc conneciton ?


 I have a little problem with a new hosting at the moment.

We have a working version of the website written in C#, with local sql 2005 express.


We have been uploading the database tables using the program I wrote in delphi, (which I had to do since the original database is something that VS cannot read well I assume at least).

 I can access the database on the web via MS SQL Management Studio 2008 and I can run queries to check records.


And here is the issue.

I just use normal SQLConnect  to connec to the database. And It wouldn't work by saying that :


SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified


 So I googled about this subject and possible issues were 2 things, which are:


1: Incorrect Name - likely to be missing a \ since you need two \\

2. Permission Error - the remote access is not allowed.


Both of them do not match in my case because I can connect to the database using the same credentials including the database host


So I went the hosting site's admin page and they only seem to allow access through odbc and oledb. So I tried to find the drivers and connection examples

for sql 2008 but I couldn't find them.


this is my connection string for standard SQLConnection ( seriously do not understand why this is not working):

       string connStr = "Data Source=" + db_host + ";Initial Catalog=" + db_name + ";User Id=" + db_user + ";Password=" + db_pass + ";Pooling=false;";

       SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connStr);

       SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();

       cmd.Connection = conn;


 These are the codes I've used over many times so I doubt that this is incorrect.

 So I was wondering whether experts could tell me either :


1. how to get the native connection working.

2. how to get the odbc driver installed and connection working to sql 2008


btw I am using vs2008 , c# buidling pages with, and .net framework 3.5


Thanks for reading and much appreciate any help regarding this matter.




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   You have posted same thread. You can find the solution:

Please try not to post multiple threads on the same topic. Thanks!!!

If this post was useful to you, please mark it as answer. Thank you!
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 Sorry I thougth I had an error message and thought posted into wrong type of forum so I posted on a different one.

 I won't do it again. :D

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