How do I create a SQL 2005 database from a SQL 2000

I have a SQL 2000 database on one server that I'm trying to transfer to a new server.  The new server has Small Business Server R2 Premium Edition, which includes SQL 2005.

I tried to transfer the database in the normal way that I'd create a copy database, which was: -
1.   Backup the source database
2.   Create a new database (empty) in the new server
3.   Restore to this database from the backup taken in #1.

Of course on previous occasions I wasn't changing version, but I expected that this would either fail immediately (message "incorrect version" or some such), or else work.

At first this appeared to transfer OK.  It took about 20 minutes to create the backup (just over 5GB), and about the same time to restore it.  The restore terminated with a message "Database has been restored successfully").    However, the database's icon in Management Studio's Object explorer showed a little up arrow, and alongside the database name "(restoring ....)". Clicking on the database icon did not expand it.  3 hours later it still was like this.   Examining the server showed zero activity.

I expect that it's failed, and I should delete the new "(restoring...)" database and start again.  How should I create this SQL 2005 database?


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You're going about the upgrade in the right way (backup and restore) but there are some prerequisites for this to work. For a start the SQL 2000 must be patched with at least service pack 3 (download and patch if necessary).

I also suggest that you don't restore into a new database - that you create the "empty" database on SQL Server 2005 and restore the 2000 backup file into that. This eliminates a ton of other problems I've seen - which don't match your own problem but may also sort you out. I'd be interested to know!

Nearly forget, when restoring into an existing database don't forget to go into "Options" and check "Overwrite the existing database" option - that catches people out. Good luck.

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There are a few things you would need to do after you have successfully restored the DB onto 2005.

(1) Change the comaptibility level of the DB to 90. It would have been 80 in 2000.

(2) Reindex ALL the tables followed by an UPDATE STATISTICS WITH FULLSCAN on ALL tables.

(3) You might need to check the syntax of the procs - if you have any index hints (or others) you would have to prefix with WITH keyword. Parse the procs and you will see the errors.

Dinakar Nethi
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8/23/2007 6:40:52 PM

Thank you.  I cleared the logs and did it all again, using a backup that was NOT an incremental backup (duh!) and remembering the "override the database" optin, and it all transferred cleanly and the database came up without problem.  

Regards, Robert

8/24/2007 7:42:53 AM

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