How do i copy / insert a Primary Key value of one table into another table?



i have set up  two very simple tables, I want a user to be able to create a basic account ( data stored in User_Profile  table with Id set as the Primery Key as Identity) I want the user to be able to be able to return to their account at a later date and then post multiple reviews of different bands they have seen at a later date. I kept the tables in my example very simple so I could get my head around the concept, but generally, I want to connect the Id (PK) value in User_Profile table to the User_Id filed in the User_Review table, so every review that user writes, will be connected directly to their Id.


Any help you could give would be fantastic a i have no idea where to start!!!




Id   int,  ( as primary Identity Key)





I have a second table called User Reviews


Revew_Id   int ,  ( as primary Identity Key)

User_Id  int, ( I want this to contain the Id value in the User profile Table)







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set up a foreign key constraint on the UserId in the user review table...and pass it the userid of the user that is doing the update....

A) set up FK on that field

b) pass the user id of the membership stuff. -> here is how with a new user

Dim userGuid As Guid = CType(newUser.ProviderUserKey, Guid)

c) insert that guid in the field....if it does not match you will get an error since it is a FK



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 u make the User_id as foreign key for this ,the base table will be user profile.Here the concept is the id values of the user profile will be included in user reviews in the column User_id i means when u  r going to add the entries into user_reviews u have to pass the id value(s).

Thank u


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Thank u


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 Refer for help on setting relations between tables using primary key and foreign key.

Your table design looks fair enough.  After setting the relationship, whenever you try to insert a record in the user_review table, you must have a valid user_id ( and id which is there in the user_profile table) to insert with.

Hope this will help.

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