How can i import records from a sql server table in project1 to another sql server table in project2

Hi, i have a table with all employee bio-data in a completed project. Iam now working on another project with a table that needs the same data and here iam talking about 300 records that rarely change. Instead of re-entering this data in this new table, i want to import the data from the completed project into a table in this new project. Does any one have any idea how to achieve that or is there a better option to do the same.

One more thing iam realising here is that iam going to use this same data in very many applications and some one from one department is going to enter this data in all these different applications. so i was wondering if there could be a way of having a central database that this guy can mantain and then i be able to use that table data in different applications that iam going to develop. I dont want to kill this unlucky guy with data entry tasks every time i deploy a new application.

So basically, how can make one database application sever several different applications with its data.

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Why hold the database within the project at all? Move the database to the server, create one account for updating and one other applications that just need to read the data.


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You can share database for different projects. You can copy database tables from one database to another. Here is a sample for you to move one table from one database to another database without creating the new table first.

Run this from the database you want to export data:

SELECT * INTO newDataBaseName.dbo.yourNewTableFROM  tableToExpost


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Why hold the database within the project at all? Move the database to the server, create one account for updating and one other applications that just need to read the data.


Iam running sql sever express 2005 with advanced services and visual web developer 2005 express edition. I also got info some where on msdn that sql sever express does not support multiple connections to a .mdf file. If this is true, then wont i run into error like

1. A connection can not be made, the file is being used by a nother process or application.

2. The database is closed.  

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QL Server Express 2005 MSDE 2000
User Instance support Feature not present
DTS in separate download DTS runtime present
Easy deployment because of no MDAC MDAC is part of install
MSI only, good servicing story MSI and MSM, servicing of MSM hard
Subscriber Replication for Transactional, Merge, and snapshot Merge/snapshot publication supported in addition to replication subscription
Robust setup UI Basic setup UI
No agent Agent present
Supports Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1, and Windows 2003 Supports Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT4, and Windows 2003
CLR support No CLR support
GUI tools available No GUI tools
Database size limit: 4 GB Database size limit: 2 GB
No throttle Workload throttle enforced for 5 concurrent workloads
Deep integration with Visual Studio Basic integration with Visual Studio

 The phrase "No Throttle" implies that a given database can be used by more than one process.

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how can u import through Visual Web Developer 2005 interface only without opening up Sql Server 2005 and running the query u gave?

Also as u told.....we need to use ADO.NET connection statements in the source code page(say Default.aspx page). I want everything to get it done from VWD 2005 interface only.Can u suggest an answer ?

9/1/2008 11:32:00 PM

 It always best to ask a new question in a new thread.

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