Help with totalling columns in SQL select statement

Maybe its a friday, but I can't figure out how to total the returned results so I just get a sum of the 'Items' and 'Total'. I thought it was Compute but that did not work! 

I'm pulling data from 2 tables, Order and Order_Item and what Im trying to achieve is to total up how many items were sold and the total. Each one of the rows below are for each order.
I must be doing something wrong, can anyone help?

SELECT sum(Order_Item.Quantity) as Items,
sum(Order_Item.Price*Order_Item.Quantity)-[Order].Discount as Total
FROM [Order]
JOIN Order_Item ON Order_Item.[OrderID] = [Order].[ID]
GROUP BY [Order].[ID],
ORDER BY [Order].ReceivedDate DESC
Items Total
==== =====
1 14.9900
1 13.5920
3 33.6750
2 27.1840
5 67.9600
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I'm not sure what are you trying to group by (productid, customerID,etc.)?  Here's an example of getting the items and total using northwind database:

SELECT od.productid, count(od.quantity) as Items, sum(od.unitprice*od.quantity-od.unitprice* as Total
from orders o join [order details] od on o.orderid = od.orderid
Group by productid
2/18/2005 10:37:28 PM
You're problem is the group by. If you just need a total of all of the items, take out the group by statements. - Free Technical Videos!
2/19/2005 7:34:57 PM
Thanks ChrisRock! I took out the group by AND the order by and it gave me what I wanted. Told you my brain wasnt working on Friday. Lan Ong, thanks also for looking into this for me, but I now know I shouldnt have used group by at all!
2/21/2005 10:43:23 AM

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