Get the User Name for a login user

Hi Guys,

How can I get the current loged in UserName in windows in MSSQL?

The problem is:

  • Users login into their PC (Windows Login)
  • Enter a URL of the intranet application
  • They would then be able to access the web base application (Intranet)
  • The web application has a string connection to make a connection to the database
  • I want to have a Trigger for my "products" table so if the table is modified (Insert/Update)  all those changes be entered in "products_Audit" table
  • Now on "products_Audit" table I have a field "ChangedBy" where I want to store the windows loged in User Name (SYSTEM_USER just return the Username for the SQL connection that the web application use)

I would really appreciate all your help and suggestions.


Mehdi Entezary
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In case of IntraNet where directory security does not allow anonymous users, then you can retrieve domain user information.

dim user as string = Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")

and pass this variable for your database action query.

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