Get SQL Error from .Net

I am sing SQL Procedures for Insert and Update. In the SQL Procedure i used try catch.  How can i get the SQL exception from .net.

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 //Execute your sql here.
Catch  (SqlException and sqlEx)
 //Do Something


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If you want to cause an error in the calling application you need to raise an error in the Catch Block.  If you just want to return the error information as a resultset, execute a select statement.  There are several variables, only available in the Catch Block, that you can use to return error information. 

Example from MSDN

        ERROR_NUMBER() AS ErrorNumber,
        ERROR_SEVERITY() AS ErrorSeverity,
        ERROR_STATE() AS ErrorState,
        ERROR_PROCEDURE() AS ErrorProcedure,
        ERROR_LINE() AS ErrorLine,
        ERROR_MESSAGE() AS ErrorMessage;

More info from MSDN

 When the code in the CATCH block finishes, control passes to the statement immediately after the END CATCH statement. Errors trapped by a CATCH block are not returned to the calling application. If any part of the error information must be returned to the application, the code in the CATCH block must do so by using mechanisms such as SELECT result sets or the RAISERROR and PRINT statements. For more information about how to use RAISERROR with TRY…CATCH, see Using TRY...CATCH in Transact-SQL.

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Here are some samples in my SP code to raise errors and return then to ASP.NET application


IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.People WHERE FirstName = @FirstName AND LastName = @LastName AND DOB=@DOB

AND SiteID = (select SiteID from People where PersonID = @PersonID) and PersonID <> @PersonID)


RAISERROR (N'There is another user %s %s with the same name.',

16, -- Severity,

1, -- State,

@FirstName, @LastName)



And end of this procedure (I have try/catch block in it)




DECLARE @ErrorSeverity int, @ErrorNumber int,

@ErrorMessage nvarchar(4000), @ErrorState int,

@ErrorLine int, @ErrorProc nvarchar(200)

-- Grab error information from SQL functions

SET @ErrorSeverity = ERROR_SEVERITY()

SET @ErrorNumber = ERROR_NUMBER()

SET @ErrorMessage = ERROR_MESSAGE()

SET @ErrorState = ERROR_STATE()

SET @ErrorLine = ERROR_LINE()


SET @ErrorMessage = 'Problem updating person''s information.' + CHAR(13) +

'SQL Server Error Message is: ' + CAST(@ErrorNumber AS VARCHAR(10)) +

' in procedure: ' + @ErrorProc +

' Line: ' + CAST(@ErrorLine AS VARCHAR(10)) +

' Error text: ' + @ErrorMessage

-- Not all errors generate an error state, to set to 1 if it's zero

IF @ErrorState = 0SET @ErrorState = 1


-- If the error renders the transaction as uncommittable or we have open transactions, we may want to rollback



--print 'Rollback transaction'



RAISERROR (@ErrorMessage , @ErrorSeverity, @ErrorState, @ErrorNumber)





This code is written based on the article by Kevin Goff

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
(Donald Knuth)
11/11/2008 1:56:33 AM

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