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Okay, I have my idea of how to do this, but would like to get
experience's idea of how to do this since I am a mere 3.5 weeks into
using SQL.

I am working on a time off tracker for my company. We have an employee table (employee), a request table(request). Originally I was told that all vacation is a lump of days and they take time off and it is subtracted from their vacation time. Now, I am getting told they can take off vacation, pto, bereavement and possibly more.

I have a time off table now (time_off) that I made just so I could add time off types for tracking what time of time off the employee took based on having one pool of time off. I was thinking I needed to add another table (tracking) that shows the employee id as a foriegn key to the employee table then have the table show time off type, accrual rate (cause some accrue at 2 weeks per year and others at 3 days per year) and a column for increments cause some they can take in increments of 15 minutes and others half days.

My thought was when I create a new employee, I have put in what types of time off they are allowed, what the accrual rates for those are. When they take a day off, put it in the request field and then when they want to view their available time off, say for the employee, how many vacation days have they accrued from the tracking database, minus the days they have taken off, leaves the number of days they have available.

I would LOVE and APPRECIATE your input, cause I don't want to go down this path only to find out I could have / should have done it differently.

One of the things I haven't really figured out is if they add a new time off type, how to add it for all the employees and make sure it is accounted for.
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Employee time is very complex and complicated because you have to account for Holidays, you need a Calendar table and how to take care of the Holidays plus regular time off.  The links below will take you in the right direction, it will help if you are using Time Tracker started kit, if your are not get the white paper.  Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Gift Peddie
10/6/2006 8:58:20 PM

Sorry I did not give you the calendar link here it is.

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Gift Peddie
10/6/2006 11:49:20 PM

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