FYI - Interesting difference between Oracle SQL and MS SQL - MS SQL is wrong

While converting some code from T-SQL to PL/SQL, I ran across an interesting bit of MS SQL code.  The code looked odd to me so I did a quick experiment to prove what it did.  I was quite surprised by the MS SQL results!


create table testunion (aaa number);

insert into testunion
select 2 from dual
select aaa * aaa from testunion;

 select * from testunion;  -- Returns one record, as it should, "2"

delete testunion;

insert into testunion
select 2 from dual
union all
select aaa * aaa from testunion;

select * from testunion; -- Returns one record, as it should, "2"

In SQL Server (2000):

create table testunion (aaa numeric)

insert into testunion
select 2
select aaa * aaa from testunion

select * from testunion -- Returns one record, as it should, "2"

delete testunion

insert into testunion
select 2
union all
select aaa * aaa from testunion

select * from testunion -- Returns two records!  "2" and "4".

Oracle applies a concept known as "read consistency" to both halves of the union and union all statements.  Each of them only see the data that existed in the table at the time the overall statement started.

SQL Server only applies read consistency for the union, but not the union all. 

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Hi David,

Long time no see. Thanks for sharing. It is interesting to see the behavior in SQL Server 2000, but your sample will return the same thing as Oracle does in SQL Server 2005 and 2008.


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