export sql server 2000 table of results to excel 2007

Hi, I have written a query and I want the results of this query to be exported into an excel 2007 spreadsheet. I have looked this up but I don’t really understand what I have to do. I have seen some people talk about an export wizard but is there a way of just wring a bit of code which can accomplish this? Thanks 


5/4/2009 3:46:54 PM
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You can do using ADO.Net

refer these



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5/4/2009 3:58:49 PM

Another option would be

1. Write SQL Code & save that as .SQL File (please note ',' as part of  selection)

Example:  Select  Col1, ',',  Col2, ',', Col3,...   From .....

2. Execute this SQL as part of SQL Job, output as ".csv" file

3. Open .CSV file in Excel

 Btw, this is just an option, may be good or bad :)

5/4/2009 10:51:08 PM

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