Error when Convert or Cast functions from Varchar to XML datatype

Hi I have a varchar(8000) and currently XML files are stored in varchar(8000).Some times when i am doing manuplactions in my varchar column i am getting with special characters error. so now i want to keep my column varchar(MAX) and when i am doing calculations i will convert my varchar datatype to xml datatype. By doing this i hope there wont be any special character problems.

When i am doing calculations with the wellformed xml i am getting error for both convert and cast methods as below 

I am trying to do convert(xml,MyVarcharColumn)

Implicit conversion from data type xml to nvarchar is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query.

Also i tried with casting and getting same problme. is there any way to convert


please suggest me




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From your description, it seems that you met trouble while you are going convert the field type from ntext to xml, right?

Based on my understanding , there are several factors which may cause the failure of the converting. Please make sure that you are not using “UTF-8” for your XML encoding in your ntext field. You can use “UTF-16” instead.

Another factor is you should make sure that the XML schema is right and the tags are in the right format, otherwise, it would also cause the failure of the converting.


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