Display multiple columns in Gridview from One Column of SQL table

Hi I have a table in sql with 2 columns and I want to display that in multiple columns in Gridview.

SQL Table

No.            Type

1               A1

1               B2

2              A2

2               B2

3               B3

3               C4 

Gridview should look like,

No. Type A  Type B  Type C

1      1           2           -

2      2           2           -

3      -            3           4


So Something like I can have different query to display for each column but need to bind to multiple column of one gridview . I can use any other control Just need to display results .






11/6/2008 3:27:41 PM
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Here is the Sql that makes this issue work

SELECT     CASE WHEN Typea.numNumber > 0 THEN typea.numnumber WHEN Typeb.numNumber > 0 THEN typeb.numnumber ELSE typec.numnumber END AS Expr1,
                       TYPEA.TypeA, TYPEB.TypeB, TYPEC.TypeC
FROM         (SELECT     numNumber, RIGHT(strType, 1) AS TypeC
                    FROM          aaa_Temp AS aaa_Temp_1
                    WHERE      (numNumber = CASE WHEN LEFT(strType, 1) = 'C' THEN numNumber ELSE 0 END)) AS TYPEC FULL OUTER JOIN
                   (SELECT     numNumber, RIGHT(strType, 1) AS TypeB
                    FROM          aaa_Temp AS aaa_Temp_2
                    WHERE      (numNumber = CASE WHEN LEFT(strType, 1) = 'B' THEN numNumber ELSE 0 END)) AS TYPEB ON TYPEC.numNumber = TYPEB.numNumber FULL OUTER JOIN
                   (SELECT     numNumber, RIGHT(strType, 1) AS TypeA
                    FROM          aaa_Temp
                    WHERE      (numNumber = CASE WHEN LEFT(strType, 1) = 'A' THEN numNumber ELSE 0 END)) AS TYPEA ON TYPEB.numNumber = TYPEA.numNumber

Although what you should really be doing is do a pivot table- which would handle any number of types. Use th Pivot SQL syntax to accomplish this. (which is what i manually did here)

The pivot table would allow you to send all the types to column headers, your No. would be a row header.


If you need any hints on how this will work let me know,

Good luck- Jeremy

11/6/2008 4:58:31 PM


set nocount on;
use tempdb;
if object_id('dbo.t1') is not null drop table dbo.t1;

create table t1 (Num int,  TypeColumn char(2))
SELECT 1, 'A1'

SELECT Num as [No.], ISNULL([A],'-') as [Type A], 
ISNULL([B],'-') as [Type B],
ISNULL([C],'-') as [Type C],
ISNULL([D],'-') as [Type D]
SELECT Num, LEFT(TypeColumn,1) as Col, 
RIGHT(TypeColumn,1) as Val 
FROM t1 ) src
PIVOT (MAX(Val) FOR Col IN ([A], [B],[C],[D])) pvt

11/6/2008 6:33:15 PM

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