DateTime unable to save in datetime field of SQL database

 Hi all, having a little problem with saving dates to sql database

I've got the CreatedOn field in the table set to datetime type, but every time i try and run it i get an error kicked up 

 Error "

The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.
The statement has been terminated."

I've tried researching it but not been able to find something similar. 


Heres the code: 

DateTime createOn = DateTime.Now;

string sSQLStatement = "INSERT INTO Index (Name, Description, Creator,CreatedOn) values ('" + name + "','" + description + "','" + userName + "','" + createOn + "')";

 Any help would be much appreciated


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If you are using SQL Server, change the statement to

INSERT INTO Index (Name, Description, Creator,CreatedOn) values ('" + name + "','" + description + "','" + userName + "',GetDate())

If you are using Access then use this: 

INSERT INTO Index (Name, Description, Creator,CreatedOn) values ('" + name + "','" + description + "','" + userName + "',Date())


Regards Mike
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3/14/2007 9:18:47 PM

Sorry, my fault i should have said, i'm coding in c sharp, heres the expanded function

void AddToQuizIndex(String userName, String quizName, String description, String question_xml)


DateTime createOn = DateTime.Now;

string sSQLStatement = "INSERT INTO QuizIndex (Name, Description,Creator,CreatedOn,Data) values ('" + quizName + "','" + description + "','" + userName + "','" + createOn+ "','" + question_xml + "')";



3/14/2007 9:27:35 PM

C# makes no difference.  GetDate() in SQL Server will automatically apply the equivalent of C#  But your database won't complain. Try it.

string sSQLStatement = "INSERT INTO QuizIndex (Name, Description,Creator,CreatedOn,Data) values ('" + quizName + "','" + description + "','" + userName + "',GetDate(),'" + question_xml + "')";

Really, you should be using parameters rather than compiling dynamic SQL statements, but that's another topic. 


Regards Mike
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3/14/2007 9:40:05 PM

nice one, first time i tried it i didn't put ' '  round the GetDate()

Thanks very much for the reply Mikesdotnetting, you really helped me out.

3/14/2007 9:45:39 PM

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