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I know that one of the costliest things in an application is database connections.
If I needed to read from multiple tables or write into multiple tables, in my old coding style -- which is top to bottom -- I'd always open the DB connection, get everything done then close the connection. This way, with one DB connection, I'd take care of a lot of things.
Now, I'm beginning to write my code in OOP fashion so I've started to create classes for commonly used functions. My question is with this method, I'll have to open and close the database connection several times to get the job done.
Will this take a toll on my application's performance? I know using classes is the right way to code in C#, but like I said, I'm always concerned about performance.
Once somebody told me that the performance hit would be negligable as IIS uses connection pooling. So even if I close a DB connection, it's not really removed from the memory right away just in case it needs to be recycled.
I'd appreciate some comments on this please. Thanks.

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Hi Sam,

"Somebody" is generally right. As long as you use the exact same connection string every time you connect to the database--even an extra space somewhere will affect this--ADO.NET will manage the connections efficiently.
BUT! Be sure to load test the app to make sure this is happening. Look at the number of connections you have open, and check the performance counters for pooled connections on the Web or database servers to make sure that you're getting what you want. It's a bit too easy to sabotage the pooling.
There are a bunch of KB articles about this, but also check out Bill Vaughn's
ADO.NET and ADO Examples and Best Practices for VB Programmers
ADO.NET Examples and Best Practices for C# Programmers
. Lots of performance data and advice there.

Don Kiely, MCP, MCSD
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1/16/2003 9:45:15 PM
::Now, I'm beginning to write my code in OOP fashion so I've started to create classes for

::commonly used functions. My question is with this method, I'll have to open and close the
::database connection several times to get the job done.
Which leads us to another question: ever throught of making your class design in a better way? The perf hit is neglegible, surely, but your design is also not exactly optimal :-)

Thomas Tomiczek
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1/17/2003 11:29:44 AM
I too struggled with the same question when architecting our migration to ASP.NET (our ASP pages use the one-connection per page model).  

Our new ASP.NET data layer handles all connection information, and only keeps a connection open for as long as is needed (this has the added benefit of hiding connection information from our upper tiers).
I found two issues with the alternative: 1) you have to pass an SqlConnection object around, which on a page with multiple controls, can be very unwieldy, and 2) during a page request, a single SqlConnection will spend a lot of "idle" time occupying the pool; this is time when it could be used by other connection requests.
Sorry, I don't have an quantitative data comparing the two methods; but our ASP.NET pages have had fewer IIS queueing issues and faster execution times.
Also, I wouldn't worry about the memory consumed by spent SqlConnection objects; its the garbage collector's job to worry about them.
1/18/2003 7:02:21 AM
Oh, and I forgot to mention: whenever possible, use caching!  Every hit to the cache is a relief for your database.  Use caching wisely, and you will be using far fewer SqlConnection objects.
1/18/2003 8:12:10 AM
I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you very much.

1/20/2003 1:17:59 PM
Open one connection to handle all SQLs from top to bottom or use OOP fashion coding and open/close the connection for each SQL request?

I have conducted a set of tests for the issue. Basically, I loops 10000 for a SELECT statement with different situations below:

Dim sConnectionString As String = "Data Source=localhost;uid=sa;pwd=;database=pubs"
Dim oConnection As New SqlConnection(sConnectionString)
Dim oCommand As New SqlCommand("SELECT_Proc", oConnection)

where "SELECT_Proc" is a stored Procedure "SELECT * FROM employee".

Test 1: One connection for the whole page: 11 seconds

Do While Counter <= 10000
Counter = Counter + 1

Test 2: Each connection for each SQL: 13 seconds

Do While Counter <= 10000
Counter = Counter + 1

Test 3: Each connection for each SQL with DAL: 13 seconds

Do While Counter <= 10000
SqlHelper.ExecuteScalar(sConnectionString, "SELECT_Proc_with_10000_Loop")
Counter = Counter + 1

Test 4: One connection with 1000 loops within SP: 3-4 seconds


Test 1 only opened one connection, while Test 2 opened/closed 10,000 time of the connection. The cost is two seconds. That means one time open/close of a connection cost about 1/5000 seconds, actually nothing.
Test 2 and Test 3 all opened/closed a conneciton 10,000 times, but Test 2 used a simple .ExecuteScalar() method, while Test 3 used MS ADDB SqlHelper , that is typical OOP style Data Access Layer. They both took the same 13 seconds. If you had chance to navigate DAAB, you would know how many line code had been gone through for test 3, but they do have visible effect for the performance.
Test 4 had a loop of 10,000 times within the SP, which made a visible improvement for performance.
A way with OOP fashion coding and open/close a connection as close as possible to a SQL statement, or say with possible multiple open/close connection with a page (or other scope), will not affect the performance with any visible sense.
A byproduct from the test is a way with the loops within SP, or fewer round trips between database and code, will improve the performance 3 to 4 times.


MCP on: SQL Server 2k Design&Iimplementation, Web Development (VI 6.0) and VB 5.0
9/4/2003 8:52:30 PM

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