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Hi, I have found some ways on using Convert() function for SQL server. But i do not understand some of them.


CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),column name,108)

What is the 108 for? I see some with 120 and 101. I tried all but only 108 is working for me the way I want..but i do not understand what is that for actually. Can anyone explain it to me? Thank you.

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You can get the time part of a date column value as varchar by using the convert function with style 108


select top 1 ApplicationDate from Applications

returns "2003-04-11 15:20:00"


SELECT top 1 CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), ApplicationDate ,108) from Applications

will return



For more information check BOL for CAST and CONVERT

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Also, check out the Cast and Convert
topic on Books Online.  That third parameter to the CONVERT
function is the style and there are charts on that page which explain
the different possible style values.

The style I use most often is 112, which converts a datetime to an ISO date in the format YYYYMMDD.

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