Concatenate multiple rows into one column?

Newbie question here. I have two tables that have a one to many relationship. I want to create a query that takes the info from the child table (possibly multiple rows) and concatenates it into a single column in the parent table. The tables are:


There could be multiple employees for each assignment. Sample data:

1....First Assignment....05/01/2008
2....Second Assignment...05/03/2008
3....Third Assignment....05/07/2008


I would like the query result to look like this:

1....First Assignment....05/01/2008....55342
2....Second Assignment...05/03/2008....33456,52343
3....Third Assignment....05/07/2008....35225,45121,11553

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I found this post to be useful in your case



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see the example, 

create table Employee


EmployeeID int identity(1,1),

EmpName varchar(200)


create table EmpProjects


EmpProjectID int identity(1,1),

EmployeeID int,

ProjName varchar(50)


insert into Employee values ('ram')

insert into Employee values ('reddy')

insert into EmpProjects values (1,'a')

insert into EmpProjects values (1,'b')

insert into EmpProjects values (2,'c')

insert into EmpProjects values (2,'d')


select distinct EmpName ,(

select ProjName + ','

from EmpProjects EP

where EP.EmployeeID = E.EmployeeId

for xml path('')) as Projects

from Employee E

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Hello Iwhalen,

You can review the article at Get column values as comma seperated list using XML PATH() instead of UDF's using COALESCE for concatenation of row values as one string value and also there is a second approach discussed at Using COALESCE function

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I need to do this using an access database. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?



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I used a ConcatOrderProducts function found in the following post to solve my problem. It worked perfectly!

Thanks for your help everyone. Lisa

5/13/2008 3:12:35 AM

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