Compare Two columns and update the Third Column


I have three columns and want to update the third column based on the comparison of first two columns in the same table.

For instance:

Col1 - val1, val2, val3, val4, val5......
Col2 - NULL, NULL, val1, NULL, val2....


Thanks for any help.

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When you define a column, you can define it as a "computed column".

Make col3 a computed column and fill in the comparison expression.


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 Dear David,

Thanks for your reply. 

Actually I have table with more then 7000 records in it. and all the columns are already defined. I was looking for the solution which I can use now to update the third column. I was update the third column one by one by check and replace method.

I thought there might be a quick query to do so.


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y can't you write like as ,

update tablename set col3 = col1,col2 some expression

are you want to do seperate manipulations for diiferent types of values?

by using where clause, you can do also 

update tablename set col3 = col1,col2 some expression  where col1 = conditino1 and col2 = condtion2 like that also you can write


you can write in another way, taking all the table values into a table variable and loop all the rows, for each row so the updation

eg:  create table @temp


               column1 int,

               column2 int,



  insert into @temp select col1,col2 from tablename

 while((select count(*) from @temp) > 0)


                //                     get the top col1 and col2 values,

                // with those values try to update the 3rd column in original table.

           // delete the top 1 record from @temp


Still you didn't get the way , post your tables definition and data and what you required 


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 There's a simple way, and a not quite so simple way, and a hard and slow way.

Simple way:

Assumption 1:  To compute the value, only literals or other column values in same record are needed, possibly some function calls.

Assumption 2:  All col3 values must use the exact same formula. 

Modify your table in sql server management studio.  Go to the col3 entry.  Put in a formula into the computed column formula, such as (col 1 * col 2) + 5

Change the is persisted value to yes.

Save the changes.

You are now done.  Now and forever more.

Not quite so simple way:

Assumption 1: Only some col3 values should have the formula applied. 

update the_table
set col3 = (col1 * col2) + 5
where col4 = 'some_value'

Your data is now updated, as of when the_table was updated.  Of course, someone creating a new record or updating an existing record just broke things again.

Hard and Slow way:

Assumption 1: Your rules for what should be inside of col3 are so convoluted that your brain can't figure out a way to do this except to inspect each record one by one.

Assumption 2: There is a darn good reason to have such convoluted rules, instead of just simplifying them.

For this approach, you will need to create a cursor and loop thru the records one at a time.  Lots of examples of cursors online, read up on them and come back with specific questions.

And, of course, unless you embed this same logic into a trigger, as soon as someone inserts or updates a record, col3 is broken again.


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