combine two tables with different columns in sql sever


I have a requirement like..

One table has 12 columns for all month  with different year.

 Lets say i need values from sep-2008 to Mar-2009.

I need to select the values from sep-2008 to dec-2008 as a single table and jan-2009 to Mar-2009 values as a single table.

Now i need to combine these two table as a single table.

Please help how to combine two tables with different columns.



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 The question is unclear (put samples of exact data structure, test data and desired output). I think you need to look at UNPIVOT operator in SQL Server 2005. Look at the Help for this operator in BOL.

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 combine them by using union operator.

suppose table1 has a column col1  and table2 has a column col2 then create dummy columns for them and then combine.

select col1, null as col2  from table1


select null as col1, col2 from table2

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