Combine Two Different Columns into one column

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I have twotables(Employee and Borrower). In Employee table have EMPID and Borrower table have BorrowerID. I want to comebine these two columns into one column as EMPID  in Employee table. Can  any one help?


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what is realtion between to tables ?


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Thanks for reply.

Acutally Employee table EMPID, NAME Columns. in this Employee table had 12000 rows. Borrower table has BorrowerID,BType etc.. .Here Employee ID and BorrowerID both are same. This table has 16000 rows. Now my what i want to do is Come EMPID and BorrowerID and display in Employee table. I can get all ID's and Names. Can you give example?



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I tried but i am not getting.

Select EMPID,Name from EMPLOYEE


Select BorrowerID from BORROWER

i tried like above.

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You should look up UNION or UNION ALL from Books Online or do a search. You need to match all columns from two SELECTs by using UION (ALL).

Try this(change bName to your Borrower's name column):

Select EMPID,Name from EMPLOYEE


Select BorrowerID, bName from BORROWER


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Try is code .

Select EMPID as Column1,Name as Column2 from EMPLOYEE


Select BorrowerID as Column1, bName as Column2 from BORROWER


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