Choosing between two column values to return as single column value

I'm working on a social network where I store my friend GUIDs in a table with the following structure:

user1_guid       user2_guid

I am trying to write a query to return a single list of all a users' friends in a single column.  Depending on who initiates the friendship, a users' guid value can be in either of the two columns.  Here is the crazy sql I have come up with to give what I want, but I'm sure there's a better way...  Any ideas?

FROM espace_ProfileProperty
WHERE (UserId IN (SELECT CAST(REPLACE(CAST(user1_guid AS VarChar(36)) + CAST(user2_guid AS VarChar(36)), @userGuid, '') AS uniqueidentifier) AS UserId
FROM espace_UserConnection
WHERE (user1_guid = @userGuid) OR (user2_guid = @userGuid))) AND (UserId IN (SELECT UserId
FROM espace_ProfileProperty))
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So... as usual, as soon as I post a question, the answer presents itself to me.  Here's my new sql:


SELECT     CASE WHEN user1_guid <> @userGuid THEN user1_guid ELSE user2_guid END AS user_guid
FROM (SELECT user1_guid, user2_guid
FROM espace.espace_UserConnection
WHERE (user1_guid = @userGuid) OR (user2_guid = @userGuid))
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