Arranging data on multiple rows into a sigle row (converting rows into columns)


I have a survey (30 questions) application in a SQL server db. The application uses several relational tables. The results are arranged so that each answer is on a seperate row:

user1   answer1
user1   answer2
user1   answer3
user2   answer1
user2   answer2
user2   answer3

For statistical analysis I need to transfer the results to an Excel spreadsheet (for later use in SPSS). In the spreadsheet I need the results to appear so that each user will be on a single row with all of that user's answers on that single row (A column for each answer):

user1   answer1   answer2   answer3
user2   answer1   answer2   answer3

How can this be done? How can all answers of a user appear on a single row


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sql server 2005 or 2000?

In sql server 2005, I believe the answer is with the new pivot or unpivot commands.  In 2000, it gets much trickier.

Of course, I think excel can do it's own pivoting as well.

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