Accessing SQL datasource selected values in code behind when they're pulled from formview, listview, datagrid, etc..


In my usage of 2.0 so far I've been having a consistent lack of technique at one particular concept:

In my code behind with vb, getting at the values pulled by my sql datasource that are used in my formviews, listviews, etc...

What are some of the general techniques to accomplish this?

What are the easiest ways?

If I try to assign output parameters in my query I get errors because sql doesn't want them being used for the data consuming controls as well as assigning parameters.

Lately I've been making the textboxes that are populated by the formviews that they are nested in invisible and accessing their text values with findcontrol.  But this seems so inelegant.

I could also just totally write a sql data source control completely in my vb code but its so much easier to just drop one on the page and configure its parameters and query with the wizard.

Can you guys help me get a better grasp on this topic?



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