"SQL Server does not exist or access denied" error when trying to connect from a Windows Service


I understand that this topic is one of the most discussed topics ever. However i could not find the relevant information after going through (almost) all the posts so far. Hence this post.

I am getting the 'SQL Server does not exist or access denied' error when I am trying to access SQL Server from a WINDOWS SERVICE. SQL Server and the Windows service are running on two different machines. (When they are on the same machine, it works). All the solutions I found so far are related to web apps. What should I do in the case of a windows service? My connection string uses SQL server authentication. (I tried with windows authentication. Its not working either.). Under what login does windows services run and how can I add it to valid SQL server logins?

4/10/2007 12:15:28 PM
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what version of sql server you are using SQL 2000 or SQL 2005. If sql 2005 have you enabled remote connection on sql server
Ashok Raja

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4/10/2007 12:38:57 PM
I am using SQL Server 2000. My Connection String is "Data Source=Proficio3;Initial Catalog=PRO-TMS_2.5;User ID=service_login;Password=service"
4/11/2007 4:24:50 AM


Please try to check if the SQL Server you're connecting to is the default instance on that server. If not, you will need to add instance name after the server name like:

Data Source=Proficio3\SQLInstance

Kevin Yu
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4/13/2007 8:59:08 AM

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