Using forms authentication but connect to sql server using windows authentication


I want to use forms authentication to login to my internet application, but I want to connect to sql server 2000 using windows authentication ( via impersonation of a single windows domain account ) ( Windows 2000 server )

Both web server and sql server are running on different machines

Can you tell me the configurations I need to do to allow this

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timoth by default the ASP.Net will try to connect with your SQl Server using ASP.Net Services Account. If you are not using a Domain Account for ASp.Net service then you can use Mirrored account i.e. create a local account with same name and password as ASPNet service account on SQl Server machine. In machine.config you need to switch of aut generation of password for this account and give your own password that is set never expire value.

  Now you will connect with SQl using single windows Account.
Alternatively you can also impersonate in only particular section of the code by using progmatic impersonation. 
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