User.Identity.Name swaps with other logged in users

I seem to be having a problem with User.Identity.Name, never given me any problems in the past, however, i've just put a site live and for some reason, every now and then the value of Name changes to that of another user logged into the system! However, it's only for one page view! Once you view any page again, the information resets back to the original and correct user (i.e. value in .Name).

The only one bit of information i could see on google about this related to worker processes recycling.
Is this possible? Could the worker process recycling end up with users being confused?

I am going to enable recycling reason event logging, so i can track each time the worker process cycles.

Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Does anyone know why this might happen? :(
Thanks in advance,


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The worker process will regularly recycle.. this is a normal behavior and your requests are completely isolated from this event.

 HttpContext is guaranteed to be unique for each and every request.  HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name will only change if it is changed somewhere, like in an HttpModule or something.


Check your code to make sure it's not being fiddled with somewhere else.  It is likely being set from some static (or threadstatic) member which is a recipe for disaster in the ASP.NET runtime environment.

Ben Scheirman

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7/10/2007 3:46:18 PM
The only place I change the Context.User is in the Application_AuthenticateRequest event.
 if (Request.IsAuthenticated)
            BusinessLogic.WebUser.Current = BusinessLogic.WebUser.GetUser(User.Identity.Name);
            if (BusinessLogic.WebUser.Current != null)
                // Apply roles now
                Context.User = new System.Security.Principal.GenericPrincipal(User.Identity, BusinessLogic.WebUser.GetUserRoles(BusinessLogic.WebUser.Current.UserId));
                // BusinessLogic.WebUser.GetUserRoles(BusinessLogic.WebUser.Current.UserId);
                // Something is wrong with the login token! Lets sign them out
                Response.Redirect("~/Default.aspx", true);
            // Blank User
            BusinessLogic.WebUser.Current = new BusinessLogic.WebUser();

 BusinessLogic.WebUser.Current is a static member, the only thing i can think is that some how that static member is being confused between different requests by different logged in users. However, what makes me think that's not the case is that there's no evidence this happens when both the users are browsing the site, only that they have both logged in within the last 30 minutes.

So, still a little confused, if anyone has had any similar experiance?



7/10/2007 4:32:53 PM

So there's your problem.  You have a static member that you intend to have static for each user.


Each request is handled by a thread, but that same thread might be used to handle multiple requests.  Your businessLogic.WebUser.Current property can be static, but don't return a static member from it, instead, return HttpContext.Current.Items[SOME_KEY_HERE] as WebUser();


the context items collection is guaranteed to be isolated to this request alone.

Ben Scheirman

Certified ScrumMaster
7/10/2007 5:05:37 PM

Thanks for the help!



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